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This is what you’ve been searching for.
You’ve now found it.
Welcome to the Circle of 10.

This is your very time-limited chance of having – 24/7, for an entire year – someone at your side who has created four multimillion-dollar businesses from scratch, is a New York Times bestselling author, frequent national media guest, international keynote speaker and can help you solve virtually any concern, confusion or apprehension you have regarding your business.

It’s time to realize the income you deserve, gain the recognition you desire, and create an amazing life and business that empowers you to impact not only those who share this lifetime with you, but also those of lifetimes to come.


If you aspire to...

  • Realize online sales of $10,000+/month
  • Hit the New York Times Bestseller list
  • Consistently place #1 in affiliate contests
  • Drive 3M unique visitors/month to your site
  • Share the stage with Brendon Burchard, Mike Filsaime, Joel Comm, Larry Winget and many others
  • Build your mailing list to 1,500,000+
  • Appear on CNN, Fox Business, NBC, ABC, and more than 300 radiostations
  • Become a contributor to The Huffington Post, Forbes.com, CNBC.com and other leading sites
  • Become an international keynote/TEDx speaker
  • Have high-paying clients who you love
  • Make all this happen FAST (not in 5 years time)

Then it's time for us to work together!

Hello! My name is Steve Olsher.

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 11.59.56 AM

In less than three years, I’ve accomplished everything listed above and I want to teach you EXACTLY how I did it so you can too.

If you're ready to propel you and your business to your desired levels of reach, sales, impact, and influence, then I encourage you to apply to JOIN THE CIRCLE OF 10.

I’d love to help you and will personally guide a small handful of  entrepreneurs for an entire year. And, unlike other programs, you’ll have full access to me anytime (we’re talking 24/7) over the next 12 months.

The cost? A lot less than you might think for what you’ll receive and it's worth every dime. Guaranteed.

Our next session will launch in January and we are currently accepting applications for new members. If you'd like to be one of just a small handful of people who I personally work with over the course of a full year, please click the 'Apply Now' button below. Once all 10 seats are filled, we will not open the Circle of 10 again until next June.

For more information, please read below to learn about everything you'll receive, the benefits of investing your time, energy, and resources to join us, and to hear from past members.

Live bold and prophet!


What others share about their Circle Of 10 experience:


This Is Your Path To Freedom.

This Is What You Will Realize As A Member Of The Circle Of 10...

Allow Steve To Guide You 1:1


Do you sometimes feel alone in business?

I think we all do, at times. For most of us, this feeling never really subsides, especially if we have no one to rely upon who understands our entrepreneurial plight. I mean, how couldn’t you feel alone as a business owner? Even if you have a team around you, you’re the one who has to provide direction; you’re the one who has to sign the checks (and make sure they clear); you’re the one who is responsible for your livelihood and the livelihood of others. No one is going to make things happen for you, in large measure because no one else can.

Constant stress?

As if operating a business isn’t challenging enough, creating a lifestyle that allows you to spend time with those you love and properly provide for them hinges on the choices you make. Make the wrong decisions and you’re now working 80 hours a week. Make the right decisions and it’s off to Hawaii for a two-week vacation with Pina Coladas, water slides, and fun on the beach.

For most business owners, pressure not only rears its ugly head on a consistent basis, it’s taken up residency in your mind, body, and soul. Hell, it might as well be your conjoined twin. Knowing that others depend on you and the quality of their life largely hangs in the balance of how well you do is enough to drive most people beyond the brink.

Recurring feeling of complete hopelessness?

Too many business owners get completely and chronically caught up in the process of building their business. Most, however, do not have the experience required to develop a business that can survive, let alone thrive. This inevitably culminates with the choice of either going it alone and trying to do everything; or, relying on others who may, or may not, be able to effectively bring one’s goals and objectives to fruition. This leaves so many feeling hopeless and frustrated.

Hopeless until you can find someone who’s already done what you’re trying to do and/or align yourself with a group of peers with whom to share the experience. Having one—the group or the mentor—is great, (the former to be preferred; as having someone who can massively shorten your learning curve is invaluable) but having both allows for exponential, expedient growth.

Frustrated by the elusiveness of being clear on what you want, but not having the skills, resources, or knowledge to make it happen.

Breaking out of the feeling of having everything to give, knowing that if you could share your knowledge with those who need you most, you could impact their lives in incredible ways. But something continues to stop you, over and over. That “something” is confusion and until its elusiveness is reigned in, you’ll continue to realize similar results.

Bored and feeling like you’re wasting your time?

Of course, business is not always fun. But it’s even worse when you’re attempting to do things without a guide—someone who can shatter your beliefs, provide a proven framework that propels you towards your objectives, and holds you accountable for achieving what you’ve identified.

Without structure, without clarity, without stretching towards what lies beyond your comfort zone, you tend to do one thing here, lack focus, settle for less and holding it all together is a daily challenge. It likely feels as though you’re just completing random tasks, which inevitably, you are.

Let's STOP this and do something ENTIRELY different!

This is your moment to change everything. If what I’ve said resonates, it’s likely you’ll come out the other side, perhaps just by reading this text, a bit shaken. But, this should be embraced as a good feeling and I encourage you to welcome it. This sensation is your friend and reflects a step in the right direction.

I teach about The Path to Freedom. Step One requires you to gain conscious awareness of both what works to your benefit and to your detriment. Knowledge empowersyou to cultivate this awareness and the shaken sensation you feel reflects this. You can now make a conscious choice about what to do with this information. This is where the magic happens.

Before, you were living in the dark. With the lights on, the potential for creating a new life and thriving endeavor is present. You no longer have to resign to living with the results you’ve been able to attain.

Will things automatically shift to being fun, interesting, or motivating? Will there be a renewed fire in your soul to jump out of bed each morning to share your Gifts with the world simply because awareness has been created?

While just one of those results would likely be a welcome addition to where you may be at, The Circle of 10—and our time together—isn’t going to be just “fun” or just “interesting” or just “motivating” (or just anything, really). No… you’re going to get all of it, and then some (and at a way higher level than you can imagine; given that I’ve been doing this, at an emotionally exhilarating level, for many years; and I’ll bring all that knowledge and energy into our yearlong adventure).

You’re going to learn how to make money by giving people what they need most, by doing what you’re best at, and by completely giving of yourself to the people who can, and want, to pay you what you’re worth. We’re going to make things as simple, meaningful, exciting and inspirational, as possible.

This isn’t going to be a year of theory; a year of “do this and it should probably work for you”; a year of throw a whole bunch of hopes and dreams at the wall and see what sticks. I know what works and how to get you to the specific answers you need. I have spent 25 years building multimillion-dollar businesses from scratch and will guide you towards implementing practical, easy-to-execute strategies and tactics.

We’ll focus on you first, and then help you create meaning for those you’re most compelled to serve. My process is streamlined, focused and proven to work. It has worked for others. It will work for you too.

The members of The Circle of 10 are, above all else, amazing individuals.

Participants in the Circle of 10

Who, before anything is said or done, are joined together by a common cause; by the most important, the most driving and the most inspirational cause of all… choosing to create their reality and are going about making it happen. This is a group made up of exceptional people who have decided to stop wishing, decided to stop praying, decided to stop giving excuses for why they aren’t where they want to be.

This is your time to create a direct connection between the tasks you’ve been doing and realize your vision through tactical action. If you’ve read this far, odds are good this is not your current situation. And, that’s ok… you’re far from alone.

The Circle of 10 is about creating an impenetrable link and bond with other game changers who have made the decision to take complete responsibility over their lives, who will all be guided—and know they will be—by someone who is clear on what it takes to succeed. By someone who has struggled, persevered, failed, and maintained focus with strategic abandon to land on the world’s stage. Someone, who for 365 days, will be there, at your side… guiding you towards where you want to go.

But, guiding is only part of the equation. You will have someone in your corner, cheering for you, holding you accountable and providing specifics and personal assistance to make sure you get it… and stay by your side until you do.

The Circle of 10 is focused on 365 glorious days of relentless action, creating unreasonable, yet achievable goals, and experiencing exhilaration unlike anything you’ve likely felt in business before.

It’s also about going into war with people who are most like you, your finally found soul mates who want to massively impact others while earning a meaningful income doing so. It’s also about being led into battle by a General who will show you where to step in the unpredictable, and often dangerous, minefield of business.

Perhaps, most importantly, if you’ve walked through life, literally or figuratively, alone for the last few years, it’s about your retribution—reconnecting with feeling understood, having people you can truly depend upon alongside for your journey and comrades you can trust who understand what you’re saying and feeling.


What the Circle of 10 includes:

  • Bi-Monthly personal guidance from Steve Olsher, a 25+ year entrepreneur who has built four multimillion-dollar businesses from scratch
  • Defined accountability structure to help you achieve your stated goals and objectives
  • 60 hours of LIVE, in-person coaching with Steve and your fellow Circle of 10 members
  • 24 LIVE monthly training and action calls
  • Access to the Circle of 10 members-only private Facebook group monitored by Steve
  • Access to Steve's private cell phone and email
  • Access to Steve's personal rolodex of experts and leaders in the personal development, self-help, dot com, and venture capital worlds
  • BONUS: 2 FREE tickets to each Bold Enterprises event - this includes The Reinvention Workshop, Internet Prophets LIVE! and more
  • VIP Day Experiences - Members of the Circle of 10 receive two FULL VIP days with Steve
  • Access to Steve's portfolio of deep dive online courses including The Partnership Formula, NICHETIZE!, Internet Prophets MasterClass, and The Reinvention Workshop Online Course

Immense quality 1:1 coaching with a
world-winning addition

But, before accepting 1:1 coaching as way better, ask yourself this...

In what 1:1 scenario will you befriend a group of incredible people who join you, in everything you do, for an entire year, with each and every one providing expertise that creates an unstoppable success machine that relentlessly pushes forward?

In what 1:1 scenario can you discuss everything you're learning, immediately after being taught, for however long and often as you need, with others who are on the exact same journey as you? It's unheard of—and will remain so—because 1:1 coaching is limited to one person's direction, perspective and experience.

In what 1:1 scenario will you reap the synergistic benefit of 9 other people relentlessly pulling you toward your goals? This is what happens when a number of likeminded innovators join together dead set on realizing a vision that puts fire in their soul.

In what 1:1 scenario can 10 people be led by someone who has already drove his business to the heights of success by using the methods taught and provides insight for each and every member which, inevitably, opens your eyes to other results-driven possibilities?

It's difficult to really imagine the full impact the Circle of 10 will have on you in the immediate future, and for the years of reverberating effects that 10 people, as crazy as you about achieving what you're out to achieve, and for a full year—become one powerful force—where everyone involved propels one another forward.

Brilliance is as brilliance does

Withstanding the power of a focused, cohesive whole becomes much more challenging than simply allowing their force to pull you towards success.

This is your time. This is your defining moment.

If you've come this far, take the next step. Apply to join the Circle of 10. Invest in yourself, in your future, and create a legacy that will live on in the hearts and minds of generations to come.

You have an amazing Gift to share. You know it. That's why you're here. I will do everything in my power to exceed your expectations and empower you to share your mission and message with the masses.

Remember, the world is waiting for you! Let's get started. Click the 'Apply Now' button below.


PS - If you have any questions, feel free to contact Kelly Poelker at 618.558.5355 or at Kelly@SteveOlsher.com. We look forward to hearing from you.